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Legend (Public/OpenDataWFS)

Climate Futures Tasmania - Scenario A2 (0)
Climate Futures Tasmania - Scenario B1 (1)
Interim Planning Scheme - Overlays (2)
Active Frontage
ANEF contours
Area A Business
Bell Bay Proclaimed Wharf Area
Biodiversity Protection Area
Birralee Road Industrial Precinct
Brighton Horse Racing
Bushfire Prone Areas
Buffer area
CBD Parking Exemption Area
Cataract Gorge Management Unit
Central Business Zone Height Areas
Coastal Erosion Hazard Areas
Coastal Height Reference
Coastal Inundation Hazard Area
Conservation Area
Cradle Gateway Specific Area
Desired Future Character
Cultural Landscape Areas
Development Plan Code
Development Precincts
Devon Hills No Subdivision Area
Domestic Water Supply
Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Protection
Flood Risk Area
Former Douglas Parker Rehabilitation complex
Future Coastal Refugia Area
Future Road
Heritage Area/Precinct
Heritage Places
Karst Management Area
Landslide Hazard Area
Local Area Objective
Local Parking Area
Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Area
Operational Airspace
Potential Acid Sulfate Soils
Potential Dispersive Soils
Prime View Points
Priority Habitat
Quoin Ridge
Reserved Residential
Salinity Risk
Scenic Landscape/Management Area
Scenic Road/Corridor
Significant Trees
Specific Area Plan
Strahan Wharf Clause
Tree Preservation
Waterway and Coastal Protection Areas
University of Tasmania
Urban Growth Boundary
Interim Planning Scheme - Zoning Boundaries (3)
Interim Planning Scheme - Zoning (4)
10.0 General Residential
11.0 Inner Residential
12.0 Low Density Residential
13.0 Rural Living
14.0 Environmental Living
15.0 Urban Mixed Use
16.0 Village
17.0 Community Purpose
18.0 Recreation
19.0 Open Space
20.0 Local Business
21.0 General Business
22.0 Central Business
23.0 Commercial
24.0 Light Industrial
25.0 General Industrial
26.0 Rural Resource
27.0 Significant Agricultural
28.0 Utilities
29.0 Environmental Mangement
30.0 Major Tourism
31.0 Port and Marine
32.0 - 39.0 Particular Purpose
LIDAR Climate Futures Index (5)
LiDAR Coal Mines Port Arthur Index (6)
LiDAR DPAC Coastal Index (7)
LiDAR Mt. Wellington Index (8)
LIST Address Points (9)
LIST Authority Land (10)
ABT Railway Ministerial Corp
Aboriginal Land
Aurora Energy Pty Ltd
Commonwealth of Australia
Dept of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (Crown Land Services)
Dept of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (Future Potential Production Forest)
Dept of Education
Dept of Defence
Dept of Health and Human Services
Dept of Justice and Indust. Rel.
Dept of Police and Public Safety
Dept of Premier and Cabinet
Dept of Treasury and Finance
Forestry Tasmania
Housing Tasmania
Hydro Electric Corporation
Inland Fisheries Commission
Local Government Authority
Marine and Safety Tasmania
Parks and Wildlife Service
Port Arthur HS Management Authority
State Fire Commission
State Growth (Dept of Infrastructure Energy and Resources)
State Growth (Economic Development)
Tasmanian Ambulance Service
Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd
Tasmanian Ports Corporation Pty Ltd
Transend Networks Pty Ltd
University of Tasmania
LIST Boundary Segments (11)
Coordinated Survey Data
Accurate Replot Data
Foreign Data
Original Map/Updated Data
Topographic Boundary Data
LIST Building Points (12)
LIST Building Polygons 2D (13)
LIST Cadastral Parcels (14)
LIST Coastline (MHWM) (15)
LIST Contours 10m (16)
Index Contours
Depression Contours
Index Depression Contours
LIST Contours 5m (17)
5m Contours
25m Index Contours
5m Depression Contours
25m Index Depression Contours
LIST Crown Leases (18)
LIST Crown Licences (19)
LIST Easements (not a maintained dataset) (20)
LIST Electoral Divisions (21)
LIST Hydrographic Areas (22)
Hydrographic Areas
LIST Hydrographic Lines (23)
LIST Hydrographic Points (24)
Submerged Rock
Surge Tank
Water Tower
LIST Land Districts (25)
LIST Land Tenure (26)
Private Freehold
Private Sanctuary
Private Nature Reserve
Conservation Covenant
National Park
State Reserve
Nature Reserve
Game Reserve
Conservation Area
Nature Recreation Area
Regional Reserve
Historic Site
Permanent Timber Production Zone Land
Public Reserve
Crown Land
Future Potential Production Forest (Crown)
Hydro-Electric Corporation
Future Potential Production Forest (HEC)
Authority Crown
Authority Freehold
Wellington Park
Local Government
HEC Conservation Area
LGA Conservation Area
Local Government Act Reserve
Tas Irrigation
Tas Water
Inland Water
LIST Legislative Council Divisions (27)
LIST Local Government Areas (28)
LIST Local Government Reserves (29)
LIST Locality and Postcode Areas (30)
LIST Marine Leases (31)
LIST Marine Nature Reserves (32)
LIST Named Feature Extents (33)
LIST Nomenclature (34)
LIST Parish and Town Boundaries (35)
LIST Points of Interest (36)
Commonwealth government
Community care
Education and training
Financial institution
Hall/ Community centre
Medical service
Sports complex
State Government
State police and emergency
Tourist feature
LIST Private Reserves (37)
Private Sanctuary
Private Nature Reserve
LIST Public Land Classification (38)
Conservation Area
Game Reserve
Historic Site
National Park
Nature Recreation Area
Nature Reserve
Regional Reserve
State Reserve
Public Reserve
Permanent Timber Production Zone Land
LIST Ramsar Wetlands (39)
LIST Survey Control (40)
LIST Transport Nodes (41)
LIST Transport Segments (42)
LIST Water Districts (43)
LIST Water Management Areas (44)
Land Tasmania Aerial Photography Centres (45)
Land Tasmania Aerial Photography Coverages (46)
TASMAP 1 to 100000 Map Index (47)
TASMAP 1 to 25000 Map Index (48)
TASMAP 1 to 250000 Map Index (49)
TASMAP 1 to 5000 Orthophoto Index (50)
TASMAP 1 to 50000 Map Index (51)
TASMAP Towns Street Atlas Page Index (v8) (52)
LIST Water Management Plan Areas (53)
In Effect